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How to pay in the futures delivery month, a comprehensive analysis of the transaction process and payment method


How to pay for the futures delivery month? It is not a simple step. Payment is only one part of the transaction process. Next, let us analyze the process and payment method of futures trading one by one from account opening before trading to settlement after delivery.

  1. Account opening

First of all, to conduct futures trading, you need to choose a futures company to open an account. To open an account for the first time, you need to provide your ID card, bank card and other relevant supporting documents. Individual customers also need to carry out risk assessment to determine suitable trading products, and only after passing the qualification can they trade.

  1. Transaction

After the account opening is completed, the customer can conduct transactions. Futures trading usually adopts a margin system, and customers need to deposit a certain percentage of margin in their accounts. When trading, customers can enter trading websites or other trading platforms, browse market transactions, choose to buy or sell, and conduct transactions. During the transaction, the client’s profit and loss are affected by the price fluctuation of the product, but the stop loss and liquidation rules of futures trading must also be followed.

  1. Delivery month

The delivery month of a futures contract is the period for physical delivery. Previously, customers needed to pay attention to the expiration time of the contract, and could choose to close the position or deliver according to their own trading needs. If delivery is selected, the client needs to notify the futures company within the specified time and pay the corresponding payment. There are various payment methods, which will be introduced one by one below.YSHX

  1. Payment method

  2. Offline bank transfer: customers can directly remit the payment to the bank account designated by the futures company. The advantage is that it is safe and reliable, but you need to pay attention to the bank transfer time so as not to affect the delivery.yunshfx

  3. Third-party payment such as Alipay: Some futures companies accept third-party payment methods such as Alipay. Through electronic payment, the delivery can be completed quickly. However, attention should be paid to the risk of third-party payment and whether to provide guarantees such as invoices.

  4. Cash payment by futures companies: some futures companies accept cash payment, but generally require an appointment in advance before payment. Although the cash delivery method is more convenient, there are certain security risks.Yun Shang Hui Xin Limited


The above is a comprehensive analysis of how to pay in the futures delivery month. Futures trading, delivery and payment methods complement each other, and any part cannot be ignored. When trading futures, customers should remain vigilant and protect their own funds. In addition, customers can also maximize their profits through the technical analysis provided by futures companies.Yun Shang Hui Xin

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