Pipili Applique Wall Hanging Lord Jagannath Chandua

The hand tailored Pipili Applique Inside decoration portraying Ruler Jagannath is a radiant piece of work of art that exemplifies the profound embodiment and social legacy of Odisha, India. The town of Pipili is prestigious for its perfect applique work, and this wall decoration grandstands the magnificent craftsmanship of the neighborhood craftsmans.

Ruler Jagannath, a loved divinity in Hinduism, is portrayed with lively tones and complicated applique itemizing. The picture conveys a feeling of divine nature, commitment, and quietness. Master Jagannath is joined by his heavenly kin, Balabhadra and Subhadra, making an agreeable portrayal of the sacred trinity.


Besides the fact that this handmade wall hangs hold profound strict importance, however it likewise features the rich imaginative practices of Odisha. Every component of the plan is fastidiously created utilizing beautiful texture pieces, sewn together to make an outwardly enrapturing and significant portrayal of Ruler Jagannath.


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